About Me

Hey there, my name is Noah Morris. a 20 Year old faceless YouTube entrepeneur living in dubai. Allow me to tell you my story:

For the last 8 years i've been through every level of the YouTube industry, i started 8 years ago with a gaming channel. I quickly got scouted by content farms to do editing and scripting for them. This pulled me into the automation side of YouTube. From there i started running my own YouTube channels. Eventually this became my full time income.

I now run ~20 YouTube channels with a combined 2.5 million plus subscribers. These channels have generated 7 figures in revenue. I've also been interviewed by major names in the industry including the New York Times.

Now YouTube has allowed me to travel all over the world for the last 3 years, seeing every continent and experiencing what our world really has to offer.

Now, this process was not flawless at all. Over the years i've filled alot of rolls within the industry, i've done: Coaching, consulting, editing, management, script writing and much much more.

I've proberaly produced over 15.000 YouTube videos in my life time. The expertise i have today has been shaped over thousands of itteration and mistakes.

Now my mission next to running my own youtube channels is the following:

I want to lower the barrier to entry to the youtube faceless industry. To do so I'm building tools and services that service the backend of the industry. The more people who succeed in the long term - the more revenue i generate.

Which is essentially a sustainable approach to teaching youtube since your succes is mine.

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